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Algeria has become one of the most popular shopping destinations in the Middle East and North Africa, so grab your passport and head to the capital for a unique local retail therapy. The city centre of Algiers has forgotten its sleepy ways early on, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the evening and have a drink with friends and family in the local bar or restaurant or in a local café.

Algerian shops selling everything from jewelry, clothing, cosmetics and souvenirs, but not expecting major international brands. There are many of these in the city centre and in other parts of the country. Algerian shop selling everything from jewelry to clothing, cosmetics to souvenirs, there are many shops in and around Algiers where you don't expect to see or find a big international brand.

With our online flower delivery service, it is easy to find a florist in Algeria: you can select one of the bouquets or plants listed on our website by clicking on it and picking it up in Algiers. Enter a message to send to Algeria with flowers of various colors, delivered directly to the recipient's hand by our professional Algerian florists. The flowers can be stocked with funny gifts or cakes or picked up as flowers, delivered directly to the recipient by Algerian professional florists. They leave you a notification card, try to contact you by phone and try to deliver your order.

If you are keen to bring a handmade carpet to Algeria, head to the above-mentioned Didouche Mourad street, but if you prefer to buy a Berber rug in Algiers, go there as the quality is better and it is beautifully decorated.

If you like visiting museums and strolling through Moorish villas, add the Bardo (National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography) to your list of attractions in Algiers. Stroll through this family-friendly attraction to enjoy the beautiful views of the city and its surroundings, and then walk. If you are walking in Didouch Mourad, it is also a must to take a walk through the historic city centre with its many museums, galleries, cafes and restaurants. If you have anything else you would like to know about visiting Algeria, please ask us on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@ AlgeriaShopping).

If you are hoping for an unforgettable trip, here are some places and iconic sights to visit in Algiers. We have summarised everything worth knowing before and after your visit and also included some personal tips for your time in Algiers. If there are no big things to do here, you will probably spend 2-3 full days in the city. And if you're still wondering what else to do with your daily travel plans and budget, here's a list of the best things to do in and around Algiers, from shopping and dining to shopping, dining and shopping.

The striking Central Post Office is at the top of the list of activities in Algiers. It is the most famous post office in the world and also one of our favourite places in Algeria.

The heart of Algiers is the Casbah, a collection of whitewashed Ottoman houses and palaces overlooking the sea. The city's rich history, including the Kasbah Citadel, the historic center now on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is considered one of the most important historical sites in North Africa and the world. Overlooking Algiers from the Mediterranean Sea, it is a collection of Ottoman houses and palaces. Algeria is located on the North African Mediterranean coast and is considered the second largest city in the region after Tripoli. Algeria is home to a city rich in history, including its historic centers.

Moorish houses and historical monuments embedded in the Casbah Citadel, one of the most important historical sites in North Africa and the world.

The 1872 basilica, just outside Algiers city centre, sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Algiers. Tikjda has long been a popular high altitude destination and also a great place to experience the Algerian mountains without moving too far from Al Gher. On a day trip you can visit Dellys and enjoy beautiful ocean views or get lost in it for 1.30 hours. This coastal town in Bourmeds in northern Algeria shares its citadel Casbah with the city of Toulouse.

If you want to escape from Algiers in the hope of getting some fresh air, Tikjda is a place to visit. One of the possibilities that you can do as a tourist in AlGiers is to see the city from the unique perspective of a cable car. The Fusille cable cars are a great way to get a fantastic view of Al Gher and can take you to the most popular tourist attractions in and around Al Gher.

In addition to the products, you will also find spices and other products that have been freshly imported from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Of course, you can buy spices from other parts of the world, but nowhere is there such a thing as Algeria. Florist services in Algeria allow you to choose from a wide range of flowers, flowers and flowers for sale as well as a variety of herbs and spices.

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