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Known for its whitewashed buildings and breathtaking views, Algiers is the perfect start to any trip to Algeria. The city centre gets sleepy early, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the evening and have a drink in one of the many cafés, restaurants and bars in the city. The location in the mountains and the natural harbour offer breathtaking views and make you think you are in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, if not the world.

So if you have any prejudices about Algiers, leave them behind and spend at least 2-3 days in this beautiful city. If you are lucky enough to do something great here, you can spend about 2 or 3 full days here in one day.

Algeria's nightlife won't be the main reason you come here, but there should be plenty of opportunities to keep most visitors happy. The capitals of Algiers and Oran offer reasonable entertainment options, and many hotels will have their own events to host the revelers at the best of times. Online casinos in AlGiers, such as Al Gers Casino, also offer free and enticing offers to players from all over the world.

If you are hoping for an unforgettable trip, here are some places and iconic sights to visit. Algeria will make you happy and you will be able to earn a considerable amount of money without much effort.

The 1872 basilica, just outside Algiers city centre, sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Algiers. The city has a population of 800,000, with the population of the conurbation of about 1,500 000, making it the second largest city in Algeria. It is located on the east coast of Algeria and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for its beautiful beaches and picturesque views.

This coastal town in Bourmeds in northern Algeria is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Algiers and its Casbah. It is the second largest city in the country with a population of about 1,500,000 people and houses a number of famous hotels and restaurants as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes. For a day trip you can visit Dellys and enjoy the beautiful ocean view or get lost in it for 1.30 hours. Most of the old Moorish cafés have disappeared, but 6 lines cross the city and take you to one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, Algiers.

There are no swinger clubs in Algeria, but if you listen in the right circles, you can come across sex parties. Most nightclubs are mainly frequented by men and tourists, but there are some where Algerian women can come. In Algiers there are a number of clubs, such as Sidi Al-Nasser, where the club serves party animals who want to let their hair down.

Even if your time in Algiers may be limited, you can get to know each other's wishes in advance, so that when you meet them, they really have fun. Algeria Dating Guide advises you on how to pick up Algerian girls and how to get in touch with local women in Algeria. Read our guide to where to find sex and where to find it in Algeria and Africa for more tips and tricks. allows you to meet local members of Algeria and get to know them personally before you arrive.

Algeria has been known as French Algeria for 132 years (1830 - 1962), so it's no surprise that the cities here feel more like France than an African country. Algerians call it the second Paris, and 141 is located in the city of Algiers, which follows the same route as Paris and the other major French cities, such as Marseille and Paris - Saint-Germain.

Most of the nightclubs in Algiers are similar to those that have been seen in other capitals and major cities such as Paris, Marseille and Paris-Saint-Germain. The nightlife of Algiers is dominated by the same clubs as in Paris and other major cities. There are no illegal brothels in Algiers, but many of them, such as the one in the city centre, offer some of these services.

Algeria has very few nightclubs because it is more of an Islamic country and most of them are connected to hotels. In the heart of Algiers, there are a number of whitewashed Ottoman houses and palaces overlooking the sea. Numerous clubs, bars and cabarets open all night along the seafront and offer music, dancing and partying in the so-called La Corncihe, which runs along the Front de Mer with the neighbouring towns.

When you travel around the country you see a lot of police, but none of them bother you and they always smile. I # Ve never had bad experiences And I feel 100% safe everywhere I am visiting Algeria. When my in-laws visited Algeria, we visited Casbah for the first time.

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More About Algiers